Rapper Swings took a swing at a netizen who claimed he was bi-sexual in the best way possible!

On December 5, he shared a screenshot of the person who spread the rumors which read,

“Swing is bi. I didn’t want to know that, but I do now and I think you should too.”

Swings didn’t take kindly to those rumors, he shut them down with his comment, he wrote,

“Lol, I feel like Freddie Mercury during his peak days.”

In hashtags, he added that he wants to sue the person just to see how he/she would react.

Freddie Mercury is one of the biggest most popular vocalists ever; he led the legendary rock band, Queen. He was known for being bisexual as well. The recent movie based on his life has been drawing attention to him and his legacy as a legendary singer.

What do you personally think of this?

My Thoughts

I have been familiarizing myself with Korean laws on cyberbullying and spreading of false rumors/defamation and the laws are scary. So when I saw this I legit wonder if that person who wrote this is in their right mind!

I mean with such strict laws that can literally ruin your life if you try to hurt an artist, you’d think any Korean person would be extra careful about what they share online.

As far as I know, this is spreading of false rumors and the rapper can sue and will probably win if he did! I mean regardless of whether he is bi-sexual or not (not assuming he is), this isn’t up to a random stranger on the net to reveal, its Swings business and only he can talk about it.

I don’t understand people’s obsession with other people’s sexual orientation, leave the man alone!!! He is happily dating a gorgeous woman, why are you trying to hurt the man?? Jealous probably!