Over 100,000 Indonesians Petition To Demand BLACKPINK’s Ad To Be Taken Off TV For This Reason


BLACKPINK have been going viral in Indonesia but for all the wrong reasons!

Recently an online petition on Change.org has gone viral, the petition is demanding BLACKPINK’s commercial to be banned from Indonesian TV, it has accumulated more than 120,000 signatures as of this writing.

The commercial in question shows the girls promoting an online shopping mall; they are wearing skirts which a lecturer, Maimon Herawati, at the Padjadjaran University called ‘too revealing.’

The request of the petition was simple; remove the ad from Indonesian TV, the petition also threatened to boycott the shopping mall until they change their models. The petition was created by a mother who called the outfits ‘inappropriate and their expressions are seductive.’

The lecturer at the Padjadjaran University says that the members are barely covering their [aurat] which stands for the parts of the woman’s body that must be covered according to the Islamic beliefs.

Some also had a problem with the ad playing during kids’ shows.

The petition took blinks by surprise, they believe that the issue has been exaggerated and the members hold no responsibility for it.

The petition seems to have reached its goal, according to Singapore’s The Straits Times.

On December 11, the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission ordered 11 Indonesian TV broadcast stations to halt BLACKPINK’s ad on their channels.

“Companies need to be careful when they’re making a commercial that they don’t associate their product with something Indonesians see as negative,” commission head Hardly Stefano said.

How do you feel about this?

You can watch the ad in question below:

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  1. Honestly, this ad is normal and they are not seductive, what so ever, I think that they are beautiful and it was apart of their music video. It wasn’t bad at all


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