MOMOLAND JooE Touches Heart With Decision To Withdraw Legal Action From People Who Spread Bully Rumors


MOMOLAND JooE has decided to be the bigger forgiving person here, by announcing through her agency that she will be withdrawing the lawsuit against individuals who spread false rumors claiming she was a bully.

According to sources, the agency announced they had withdrawn the lawsuit with her consent.

The outrages rumors started back in January earlier this year, a certain individual claimed he was a victim of her bullying at school and claimed they had been scarred and are angry.

Immediately, the agency denied the rumors and announced they would be taking legal action. Fast forward to today, the individual even posted a handwritten letter of apology to show their remorse, the letter was disclosed by Dispatch.

Some fans said they felt proud of her while others think differently, some think the people who spread malicious rumors should be prosecuted so no one else can dare make outrageous harmful claims towards her.


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