MAMAMOO Hwasa’s Revealing Outfit in 2018 MAMA Causing A Stir, Draws Mixed Reactions From Netizens

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2018 Mama Fans’ Choice In Japan aired on December 12, there were many moments that fans couldn’t stop talking about, one of them was MAMAMOO Hwasa’s sexy outfit during their performance at the awards show.

The girls dressed up in red, each outfit had a different vibe and was suited for the individual member. Hwasa is known for her sexy body line that made headlines on more than one occasion.

Her outfit was the most revealing one among the members and showed almost all of her bottom, opposed to other members.

Reactions from netizens were mixed, some loved the outfit and appreciated that the stylist knew how to dress Hwasa to show her great body line while others didn’t take too kindly to it and said it was too revealing.

Some of the supporting comments are,

“I don’t find anything wrong with their outfits.”

“She looks amazing.”

“I am so envious of her body.”

On the other hand, some commented things like,

“This is too much!”

“Who does she think she is? she isn’t beyonce..”

“This is too much; I think Hwasa is showing too much please cover up TT.”

Meanwhile, international fans are so smitten by the video that they’re discussing the possibility of it going viral. Hwasa gave such an amazing performance at the ceremony.

News outlet OSEN, on the other hand, released an article talking about how her amazing solo performance titling the article “MAMAMOO Hwasa, surpassing Beyoncé with her sensual body… Personal stage [MAMA 2018”

Check out the full performance below:

How do you feel about this?

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    1. Lol better than beyonce? So sorry but… That’s a lie lol. But yeah, she looks good. She is not stick skinny and I think thats good for kpop. Kpop in general needs to work ON LOADS more problems but i guess baby steps is good too.

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