Lee Kwang Soo Confirmed To Be Dating Actress Lee Sun Bin


Lee Kwang Soo is happily dating actress Lee Sun Bin!

2019 hasn’t even ruled in yet and we already have a new couple!

On December 31st, TV Report reported that the two couple, who first met on SBS “Running Man,” are actually dating in real life.

The report goes to explain that the two had been dating for five months.

It was revealed that they became friends after filming that episode together, and five months ago they decided to make it official by becoming girlfriend and boyfriend.

According to the initial report, the two didn’t try to hide their affection to each other in front of their close family and friends.

And it turned out to be true because Lee Kwang Soo’s agency soon confirmed the news in an official statement, they told the press:

“Lee Kwang Soo and Lee Sun Bin have been dating for five months.

The two have formed a relationship after meeting on ‘Running Man’ set; they accompany each other to gatherings and introduce each other as their significant lover.”

The two had actually first met on the set on SBS “Running Man” back in 2016, Lee Sun Bin had even expressed her interest in Lee Kwang Soo. She had also stated he was her ideal type on an episode of “Radio Star.”

Lee Kwang Soo is 33 years old while Lee Sun Bin is 24 years old.

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