Kwon Kwang Jin Voluntarily Leaves N.Flying After Rumors Of His Inappropriate Behavior Spread Online


Kwon Kwang Jin, a part of FNC entertainment band N.Flying, has been on the receiving end of a lot of rumors relating to sexual harassment among many other rumors.

Recently, a post to a community page online spread like wildfire among N.Flying fans, the post alleges that Kwon Kwang Jin had been dating fans since his debut and has sexually harassed fans among many other things.

Many other fans went on to claim he treats his members terribly and favor fans with short skirts, some claimed he was dating a rich fan site master.

What made the issue worse was that many fans of him ended up also agreeing to that post after it went viral among Korean fans of the group, many posting about their own uncomfortable experiences with him.

Fans demanded a response from FNC entertainment and threatened to boycott the group. In response to the demands and the claims made by many fans, the label issued a statement explaining how they plan on handling the situation.

On December 19, they issued an official statement that reads,

“Hello, this is FNC Entertainment.

We’d like to announce our official position regarding to N.Flying’s Kwon Kwang Jin.

N.Flying has been promoting joyful music to entertain its fans throughout the years. After recently meeting with Kwon Kwang Jin and the individuals involved and confirming the details that spread online, we established that some of the online dating and sexual harassment suspicions that were raised by some netizens were not true.

Although it was a token of gratitude to the fans, it was confirmed that he held personal interaction with the fans outside of official schedules. After long discussions, it has been decided he will voluntarily leave the team, such actions considered improper for an idol.

Until the facts are clearly revealed, Kwon Kwang Jin will halt all the activities and have time for self-reflection.

In addition, we will accurately check the facts of the two sides and take strong measures if false information is found.

The existing members of N.Flying will continue to be active, and we promise to deliver good music to you with a more mature look from now on.”

N.Flying debuted back in 2015 with first mini album “Awesome” in 2017, they added Produce 101 Season 2” contestant Yoo Hoe Seung.

How do you feel about this?

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My Thoughts

I have seen this unfold for the past week and I am very conflicted right now!

For now, I’ll say innocent until proven guilty and I must say I like how FNC is handling this right now. Such claims need to be further investigated and everyone who said such huge comments online accusing him of stuff must be interviewed and questioned about it.

If he’s innocent then I do hope FNC takes very strict legal measures since these people would have ruined his career going online saying stuff that didn’t exist. On the other hand if he’s found guilty after investigation of such serious allegations, I do hope he receives the proper punishment for it.

On a personal note I said I am conflicted because many netizens posted comments about their interactions with him saying it was creepy or so, what also stands out is that he held meetings with fans apart from the official schedule which is a huge red flag (at least to me). I would never meet my idol one on one because he said so without the presence of staff or in an event known by other, its because its kinda scary, I mean imagine your idol saying we should meet but its not for an official schedule, personally I would feel uncomfortable and won’t show up.

I know that defamation and slander is treated seriously in South Korea, meaning it’s a criminal offense and you can end up paying fines or even serve time in jail for it, so I am also unsure why would fans post such comments knowing well they will go viral if there isn’t any truth to it whatsoever, because in the end its only a matter of time before they will be sued and pay a large price for saying false things…

So I don’t know! I hope we find answers for this soon!


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