Korean Reporters Pick The Worst Celebrities Of 2018


2018 has been a very interesting year with many things happening from the get-go, some idols and actors rose with their performances while others slipped into scandals.

Korean news outlet Sports Today has picked the worst people with the worst controversies in 2018 explaining the decision behind each choice.

Here is their list:

Comedian Kim Saeng Min (#MeToo)

“He brought up good reputation with sincere and good image and was finally getting his golden time in 25 years, he blew it away with his own hands.” –Reporter Kim Na Yeon

Kim Saeng Min was embroiled in controversy back in April 2018 when a woman came forward to dispatch with a letter explaining suffering sexual harassment by him.

Since then he stepped down from all the seven shows he was in and his podcast was also cancelled.

Yang Hyun Suk (the issue with MIXNINE debut cancellation)

Reporter Yoon Hye Young says,

“With YG’s power he said he’ll make the debut happen and put trainees in a competition show but then cancelled their debut because the program flopped.

He created more controversy going up against one of the trainee’s labels taking legal action with a countersuit. Not even a year has passed and he created a similar show ‘YG treasure box.’ The irony in his idea is shocking everyone.”

Actor Lee Seo Won (Sexual harassment)

“I was surprised three times by the boldness, lack of knowledge, and finally running away to the military following his sexual harassment.” -reporter Kim Sat Byul

Nancy Lang x Wang (Controversy regarding marriage and divorce)

“Issue makers with marriage, fights and divorce.” – Reporter Han Ye Ji

Rapper Microdot (Parent’s fraud)

“Parents deceived the people of their town while their son deceived the viewers.” – Reporter Kim Hyun Min

“I was disappointed because he was a likable star with a friendly and bright image” -Reporter Kim Su Young

Lee Jin Min CP (the manipulation of “Heart Signal 2”)

“It was a variety program but there were many controversies.” – reporter Moon Soo Yeon

What do you think of the list? Is there anyone you’d like to add to it?

My Personal Thoughts

OMG! I literally chuckled when I saw the list.

I don’t personally agree that Rapper Microdot should even be on that list; the poor guy didn’t know anything and was ridiculed by netizens for something his parents did.

He was 6 years old when that thing happened and naturally at first he defended his parents because who wouldn’t? and then he found out the truth. I am personally of the mindset that a child shouldn’t have to be held responsible for what their parents did when they were young.

Yes he did wrong defending the parents who apparently stole money from people before checking but the hate he got was too much.

I agree with actor Lee Seo Won being on the list because I have never seen such a bold cocky Korean actor who still acts bold after doing such a thing. He is now being sued for sexually harassing and threatening a girl with a knife for rejecting his advances then he shows up at court and smiles for cameras as if all is good and continues to deny he remembers anything from the incident.

I get that alcohol makes you forget but at least have the decency to show respect to the victim by not smiling… also, he just suddenly went to military like a month ago or something, this is the trend I noticed Korean celebrities take when they screw up.

I lost all respect for him and will never support such a person again, whats even more puzzling and frightening is that he’s only 21 years old, god knows what he was going to be capable of when he grew older.

My personal least favorite incident of 2018 is the mixnine issue because it breaks my heart. I have never been a personal fan of Yang Hyun Suk but man I lost all respect with the way he handled the issue with the debut and the way those statements were released by YG ent.

how he also lawyered up with the best Korean firm and countersued a tiny label when yg is to blame, he makes such outlandish and incomprehensible demands to make a debut happen and then when they don’t agree he was like ‘nop aint no debut to those poor trainees who worked so hard.’

at least if you’re going to try to ride the trend of produce 101 make sure you can follow the trend, knowing YG I already knew that they couldn’t pull it off because it takes them years to debut or give their own artists comebacks how can they possibly debut a group within a couple of months after a program?



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