Jin Explains The Reason Why He Appreciates The Popularity Awards As Much As Daesang Awards


Guess who celebrated his birthday on December 4th?

World-wide handsome star BTS’s Jin.

Fans have been preparing to go all out to celebrate their dear Jin birthday. They had already installed ads on train carts in Seoul to celebrate his and V’s birthdays.

Fans also donated feminine hygiene products to the city of Gwacheon in Gyeonggi Province, his hometown.

Jin sees all of this and is grateful for army and their love for him. He posted a handwritten letter to their official twitter account, he thanked fans for celebrating his birthday.

Here is the translation:


Hello, this is Jin.

Clap clap clap. Today is my birthday.

I’m happy today is my birthday. I am happy because its my birthday and even happier since ARMYs are enjoying it on twitter and doing lots of fun things on our fan café.

ARMYs happiness is my biggest happiness. And recently, we won Daesangs and also popularity awards! I am so happy with the Daesang but I am also so so happy about the popularity awards since we receive them because of what ARMY do for us.

Thank you so much, ARMY!

Oh.. and every year, I prepared something fun for you guys but I wasn’t able to do much this year so that makes me sad.

In the future, I’ll work harder to always show you the great side of my and present good content. I love you.”

In English, he wrote,

“Sorry to my international ARMY that I am not good at English. But I love you.”

BTS have attended many award shows for the past couple of weeks including 2018 MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards, 2018 Asia Artist Awards, and the 2018 Melon Music Awards.

They won Daesangs (grand prizes) and popularity awards as well in each one. ARMYs were extremely happy to read what Jin had to say.

Jin turns 27 years old in Korean reckoning (26 in International reckoning).

Happy birthday Jin!


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