IU Showers TWICE With Gucci And Channel Gifts For Guest-Performing At Her Concert


On November 17 and 18, IU held her 10th anniversary concert which was completely sold-out; it was held at KSPO Dome.

A lot of idols and celebrities attended the event and TWICE were one of the acts to guest-perform at her concert.

TWICE fans know that the girls love IU especially Nayeon so they were super excited to see them interact during the concert.

According to Nayeon, IU had gifted the girls with 3-item pack as a thank-you gift for guest performing at her concert.

Nayeon talked about the gift in a recent V Live Session, she expressed just how much she loved the ring they were gifted and said she wouldn’t take it off because she’s so happy with them, she said,

“They have become my favorite items. I even wore the shoes to my Music Bank.”

The gift bags had 2 rings from Gucci, and an iPhone or a pair of Chanel shoes. For any girls who already had an iPhone, IU gifted them with shoes instead.

Fans looked up the prices of the gifts that IU gave the girls and were astonished to find the actual prices. The average gift bag had a value of about 2,000,000 won (approx. $1,785).

A twitter account looked up the approx. cost of these gifts, here they are:


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