Here Is The Full List Of All The Awards Won By BTS From 2018 MAMA

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2018 MAMA has finally come to an end, the celebration of MAMA’s 10th-anniversary span on the period of three days, with the celebration starting from Seoul on December 10, to Japan on December 12 and ended in Hong Kong on December 14.

Each day celebrated a specific theme, December 10 honored the rookies, December 12 honored Kpop groups and soloists in fan-voted categories while December 14 (the biggest event of them all) honored Kpop artists and groups with the remaining awards including the Daesangs (grand prizes).

BTS walked away with so many awards from the three events, here is the full list of all the awards they won from 2018 MAMA, the list also includes awards won in relation to BTS and Big Hit Entertainment.

Day 1: Korea

Best Choreographer Of The Year: Song Sung Deok For Fake Love By BTS

Best Art Director Of The Year: Mu:E For Fake Love By BTS

Best Executive Producer Of The Year: Bang Si Hyuk

Best Producer Of The Year: PDOOG (BTS)

Day 2: Japan

Worldwide Fans’ Choice Japan

Favorite Dance Artist (Male)

Worldwide Icon Of The Year

Worldwide Fans’ Choice Top 10

Day 3: Hong Kong

“I Seoul U” appreciation plaque (during the red carpet event)

Best Asian Style

Mwave Global Choice

Best Music Video For “IDOL”

Album Of The Year for “Love Yourself: Tear”

Artist Of The Year

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