GOT7 Fans Worried About Youngjae’s Health After Jinyoung Says He’s Sick

It has been revealed that Youngjae is sick, his fellow GOT7 member Jinyoung revealed so to Thai fans.

GOT7 greeted Thai fans in a 3-day celebration from December 21, 22 to 23 at “GOT7 NESTIVAL 2018” in Bangkok Thailand.

On December 22, BamBam broke down in tears explaining he was tired and sick unable to perform his best for his fans, he apologized and thanked them for being there for him.

On December 23, GOT7 fans found out that Youngjae was also sick; when they saw him at the sound check stage they noticed that he looked especially pale.

According to various Thai accounts of people who attended the concert, Jinyoung had told fans that Youngjae was sick and thus unable to continue performing at the concert so he had to leave.

Some fans also went to explain that he went back to his hotel because he was sick and unable to perform.

The fandom was sick worried about him and even trended the hashtag #getwellsoonyoungjae on twitter.

Get well soon Youngjae, take it easy!

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