Former U-KISS Member Alexander took to Twitter to voice his opinion about some of the ongoing rumors surrounding BLACKPINK Jennie.

Back in October, unfounded rumors of BLACKPINK Jennie dating YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk spread through the internet. Around the same time, YG Entertainment announced its ongoing quest to legally punish those who defame or hurt their artists.

On November 29, Alexander took to twitter to share his honest thoughts on twitter, in the first tweet he wrote,

“I find the rumor bout BP (BLACKPINK) Jennie dating YG stupid. If getting a solo single first is because she is dating the CEO, then, well, logically G-Dragon is married to Mr. YG. So stupid.”

He then backed it up with another tweet, he wrote,

“But I can’t blame fans. Maybe they are still affected by the CL-gone-solo-goodbye- 2NE1 thingy. Anyway, cut the crap. Just appreciate the music, performance, and talent they offer. Freakin’ hate rumors.”

Fans believe he’s not only talking about the baseless dating rumors but also addressing the alleged favoritism some fans and antis have claimed about Jennie being the first BLACKPINK member to go solo.

In response to his tweets, BLINKS saluted him and thanked him for voicing his honest opinion about the ongoing issues with Jennie.

What do you think of what he said


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