FNC Entertainment Officially Confirms Kwon Kwang Jin Departure From N.Flying


Kwon Kwang Jin has officially departed his band N.Flying, an official statement from his agency, FNC Entertainment, confirmed to news outlets.

There has been an ongoing issue between some of the group’s fans and Kwon Kwang Jin, some claimed he was dating fansite masters, others even went on to claim he made sexually offensive comments to them, others also claim he badmouthed his own band-mates.

Initially, FNC Entertainment released a statement saying that Kwon Kwang Jin wishes to leave the group but denied any of the accusations claimed by netizens online, they did confirm he interacted with fans outside of official schedule.

On December 26, they released a statement announcing that he would be leaving his group permanently.

Here is the full translated statement:

“Hello, this is FNC Entertainment.

In relation to Kwon Kwang Jin, who recently expressed his wishes to withdraw from N.Flying, we have taken actions to confirm the facts through additional meetings with him.

As a result, we confirm the fact that he was dating a fan, so we have made the final decision for Kwon Kwang Jin to leave the group.

However, he strongly denies accusations of sexual harassment; we will be taking legal action against the netizen who uploaded this post for defamation for spreading false information, so the truth can be revealed.

We’re sorry to have worried with the fans with an unfortunate incident, and we will take great care to prevent it from happening again.

In addition, N.Flying will continue to be active as a four member band, and we promise with fans to show better more mature music.”

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