Famous Korean Actress Little Son Criticized For Sitting In BTS’s Sitting Area At 2018 MMA, Actress Apologizes

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There has been an ongoing viral story about Korean actress Son Tae Young and her son and niece!

Netizens questioned if her son and niece received special treatment because of something they noticed during 2018 Melon Music Awards which was held on December 1st.

Son Tae Young was one of the actresses confirmed to make an appearance to hand an award at the event; she brought her son and niece with her as her guests.

During a certain portion of the event, the children were seated in the special area reserved for idols who are attending, netizens began discussing if they had received special treatment from the staff because of her.

Netizens didn’t like that the two children were able to sit comfortably among idols who have worked so hard to be able to attend these shows and called for an explanation from the agency.

In response to people questioning preferential treatment, her agency H8 released a statement to clarify.

They told Ilgan Sports,

“The mother and her child had been sitting in the waiting room quietly to not disturb others. He wanted to see his mother up close when she left to deliver the award.”

They explained that they were seated there briefly by a staff to only see the mother deliver the award up close; they left as soon as she was done. They apologized to fans and anyone who was hurt by the matter.

Netizens still had negative reactions to the agency explanation. Mainly because they were able to find footage of the son and niece sitting in BTS’s area for the entire performance of BTS which lasted for more than 20 minutes.

Through various reaction videos all over YouTube, you can clearly see two children sitting beside MAMAMOO and other artists watching BTS’s performance.

This has led to even more criticism since it contradicts what the actress agency said about the son being there for the presentation of Best Song of the Year which his mother had presented with Lee Sang Yoon.

Netizen are expressing their anger and frustration with the preferential treatment of the children because of the actress status.

What do you personally think about this?

**A previous version of the article stated nephew instead of niece.

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