EXO’s Chanyeol Just Ended All Fanwars With His Gesture Towards BTS’s Jin

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A lot of things happened at the 2018 KBS Song Festival, there were many amazing moments that fans cant stop talking about, one of these moments has to be that between Chanyeol and Jin.

EXO’s Chanyeol, BTS’s Jin and TWICE’s Dahyun hosted the 2018 KBS Song Festival. They did such a good job and were praised by netizens for their efforts.

There were many sweet moments at the event, Chanyeol, for example, had to rush after finishing his group’s performance to his MC position without even having the chance to wipe off his sweat. EXO-Ls praised his attitude and commitment to the job.

When Chanyeol and Dahyun arrived at the red carpet Jin seems to have already been waiting there, he took confetti from a staff member and held on to it in his hands.

When they asked them to pose for the photos as the 3 MCs, Jin threw the confetti up, Chanyeol and Dahyun could hardly contain their laugh, Dahyun had to put her hands on her mouth to restrain herself.

However, a small confetti piece was left on Jin’s hair; Chanyeol saw that and took it off his head. Fans couldn’t stop talking about this sweet gesture.

Aside from the fact that Jin was so extra during the event, ARMY and EXO couldn’t stop talking about their moments together urging that fanwars needs to stop seeing how EXO and BTS treat each other.

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