EXO-Ls Giant Step To Help EXO Chart On HOT 100, They Established A Licensed Radio Channel


EXO-Ls will go above and beyond to protect and help EXO, their recent accomplishment speaks up for their dedication.

To my shock, I found out that there is a dedicated radio channel to EXO and whats even more shocking and admirable was that the radio channel is officially licensed and will count on Billboard.

In case you don’t know, Billboard takes into count radio plays of artists in determining rankings such as HOT 100. This is a big deal!

Apparently, an international fan union of EXO self-described as EXO 1st international fanunion, Power of EXOLs, led the ambitious project. The radio channel is non-profit and fully funded, any and all can access the radio channel around the world for free.

According to them, they also don’t sell any music of EXO and to top that their App is free of charge for all to access.

Power of EXOLs also explained that the purpose of this radio station is to help EXO chart higher on HOT 100 as well as Billboard 200 Chart with their recent comeback “Love Shot.”

EXO came back with their repackage album “Love Shot” with the title track of the same title. Upon its release, the track topped all major realtime charts in Korea and also topped an impressive number of international iTunes charts all over the world; they reached No. 1 on iTunes charts in 60 different regions.

The fandom is hoping to break more records and help EXO chart on HOT100 as well as the Billboard 200 Chart, I sincerely hope they reach their goal.

Fighting EXO and EXO-Ls!

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