EXID Confess They Are Not Happy With Their Agency, Here Is Why


The beautiful girls of EXID have recently made their comeback and were guests on “Weekly Idol” to promote their recent release.

During the episode, the MCs asked the members to take polygraph tests and answer questions truthfully, they had a lie detector to reveal if they were telling the truth or not.

The MCs asked Hyerin if she was satisfied with her agency Banana Culture, she gave a simple answer, “No!”

The lie detector determined she was being truthful and she went on to explain why she answered “No.”

Hyerin explained that during their 7-year promotions, the agency failed to showcase each member different charms and talents. Her fellow members agreed to what she said and also talked more about their own opinions on their agency.

LE explained,

“Anyone can make mistakes, we all make mistakes and that’s okay. But the problem is they never apologize.”

Hani also commented,

“I am actually fine with them making mistakes, also fine with them not apologizing, but why are you making the same mistakes?”

The members couldn’t hold back their laughter after what Hani said, the camera focused on their manager who’s face turned red. The members then expressed their gratitude to their manager who also works hard for them.

check out the clip below:

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