Entertainment Companies Debuting New Groups In 2019

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2018 is almost over; the New Year will bring more releases of our favs and also new debuts from many of our fav entertainment companies.

There have been many reports about entertainment companies aiming to debut new boy/girl groups next year.

So today, I thought it would be a good idea to go through agencies who have already confirmed plans to debut new groups or have been rumored to.

Big Hit Entertainment- Boy Group

Probably one of the most anticipated boy groups of 2019 has to be Big Hit Entertainment first boy group in six years.

The label confirmed they are planning on debuting a new boy group in early 2019 but more details are yet to be revealed. According to sources, the boy group will consist of 5 members and their average age will be 17.

It has been also reported the new boy group will have a different concept from their seniors BTS.

The industry insiders expect that the knowledge CEO Bang Shi Hyuk gained through the work with BTS will also naturally be passed to the rookie group as well.

YG Entertainment- Boy Group And Girl Group (possibly) and BLACKPINK members solo debut

YG Entertainment is going to be extremely busy next year!

YG Entertainment will be debuting a new boy group next year; the new boy group will compose of the winning team in their currently airing survival show “YG Treasure Box.”

The boys are currently still competing for a spot in the final group, it will YG Entertainment’s first boy group in four years since iKON’s debut back in 2015.

But the happy news don’t end there.

Recently, reports came out claiming that YG Entertainment was also looking to debut a new girl group through a survival program.

According to reports, the program would air January or February 2019 after the conclusion of YG Treasure Box.”

What fueled those rumors, even more, was that it was reported back in September 2018 that YG Entertainment was looking to debut a new girl and boy group through survival shows. The agency commented stating that these were some of the ideas they were brainstorming.

YG Entertainment had also previously stated a new girl group would be revealed before 2018 ends, however, we’re yet to see that.

As to the reports of an upcoming girl group to debut through a survival show, YG Entertainment has yet to release an official statement.

The rest of the BLACKPINK members will also be likely making their solo debut next year since we haven’t heard about any news of a possible release before this month ends.

Rose is up next according to Yang Hyun Suk, while Jisoo and Lisa will follow after her. Their solo debut tracks are highly anticipated by their fans.

JYP Entertainment- Girl Group

One of the most anticipated girl groups of 2019 has to be JYP Entertainment upcoming girl group.

The news of the agency working on debuting a new group came to light after Jeon Somi, a previous popular trainee in the agency, left JYP Entertainment for YG Entertainment’s sub-label “The Black Label.”

When JYP Entertainment confirmed the news of her departure they also confirmed the plans on debuting a new girl group are up and running, Shin Ryu Jin (who won first place on JTBC’s “Mixnine”) will be part of the new girl group according to her agency.

Details on the number of the girls as well as the concept are yet to be revealed by the agency but recently a report stated that the girl group will be composed of five members.

The Black Label- Jeon Somi

Jeon Somi, the former member of I.O.I will be debuting solo next year.

Media outlet news1 exclusively reported that Jeon Somi will be making her solo debut in March 2019.

The report goes on to explain that she is currently working hard on her songs to prepare for her solo debut.

However, The Black Label hasn’t issued a response confirming or denying the reports. Fans are extremely excited to hear from her.

Banana Culture Entertainment- Boy Group

Banana Culture is the agency responsible for EXID, on December 14, they revealed through an official statement their plans to debut a new boy group, the Boy Group will be called TREI.

TREI is made up of members Lee Jae Jun, Chae Chang Hyun, and Kim Jun Tae.

Lee Jae Jun and Kim Jun Tae used to be the original duo TREI, they had appeared on JTBC’s “Mixnine” and gained popularity through the show.

According to the agency, the upcoming boy group will debut in early 2019.

Dongyo Entertainment- Boy Group

Dongyo Entertainment will debut a new boy group early next year, the group name is DONGKIZ.

The five-member group is composed of Wondae, Kyungyoon, Moonik, Jaechan, and Jonghyeong.

They will be making their official debut in February 2019, but have already released a pre-debut track called NOM.

Jellyfish Entertainment – Boy Group

Jellyfish Entertainment, the agency behind VIXX, will be debuting a new boy group named VERIVERY in January 2019.

The agency confirmed in an official statement earlier this month, they are formed of seven members and it will be the agency’s first boy group since they debuted VIXX back in 2012.

FNC Entertainment- Girl Group

FNC Entertainment is also rumored to be debuting a new girl group; they are the agency behind FTISLAND, CNBLUE and AOA.

They are allegedly composed of 10 members and are being labeled “AOA’s younger sister group.”

The report claiming the agency is debuting a new group came out on December 18, FNC Entertainment has yet to release an official response confirming or denying the news.

ALL-S Company- Girl Group

The former head of Girl’s Day’s agency, Lee Jong Suk, is planning on debuting a new girl group next year.

In an official statement, the agency revealed they will be debuting a new girl group tentatively called ALL-S Girl. The girl group will debut in the first half of 2019.

The agency explained the girl group is composed of six members; they have already released their profiles to the public to amp up excitement for their debut.

FAVE Entertainment- Girl Group

Back in October, the agency announced they are planning on introducing a new girl group in 2019.

The group is composed of seven members that the agency introduced through a special project. One of the girls is familiar to some Kpop fans; she’s called Lee Soo Jin and appeared in JTBC’s “Mixnine.”

Choon Entertainment- Boy Group

The entertainment agency behind Kim Yong Guk (Longguo) and Si Hyun announced they are debuting a new boy group called WITZ, the name of the group derives from the slang that refers to trendsetters in the fashion industry, music and more.

The group is composed of 8 members and according to the agency, the members are talented not only in singing, rapping and dancing but also in composing music. They have recently released their first live performance video.

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