Chris Brown Said To Be Seeking Collaboration With Top Kpop Artists, International Fans React Negatively


Rumor has it that Chris Brown will be collaborating with a Kpop artist/group in the near future!

The controversial American singer recently signed a contract with Contents Deal which is a subsidiary of K-Star Music, the singer made this decision to seek more collaborations with top Kpop artists.

The goal is to release music with various Korean and Chinese artists in 2019. In response to the news, Contents Deal confirmed that they’re currently negotiating with many foreign artists; some of the negotiations are in the final stage or already finished.

However, and for variety of reasons, the Kpop community has been reacting negatively to the news. Many referencing the time Chris Brown cut T-ara mid-performance back in 2013 to promote his new single then.

Many Kpop artists have previously talked about Chris Brown and their admiration for him, GOT7’s Yugyeom comes to mind when Kpop and Chris Brown are mentioned in the same sentence.

The Kpop community on twitter has been trying to figure out who will Chris Brown be collaborating with, many voicing their opinion in opposition to any collaborations with their fav group/s.

What do you think of this?


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