2018 MAMA is over and BTS was the most awarded group in the entire ceremony taking home a total of 9 awards and four more awards in relation to them won by people who worked on their songs directing and producing.

They took home two Daesang awards for “Album Of The Year” and “Artist Of The Year.”

During their final speech after they won “Artist Of The Year,” the members began crying as each one delivered a speech thanking ARMY, Big Hit and Bang Si Hyuk among many others as well.

What shocked ARMY was that they found out that BTS was even thinking of disbanding in early 2018, which the reason why BTS members were crying as Jin was talked about the difficult time they went through because of the immense pressure they suffered from.

Jin said,

“I am reminded of the beginning of this year, things were really difficult. when we were having a hard time (mentally) we even thought about disbanding too. However, we put ourselves together again. The fact that we were able to still bring in such good results is really astonishing and such a relief.

I wanted to thank my members who put their hearts together again and those who will always love us, no, to ARMY who will always love us, thank you so much.”

While Jin brought up the subject, V couldn’t hold back his tears and began sobbing uncontrollably and was comforted by Jungkook.

ARMY was extremely taken back and shocked at the thought of a possible BTS disbandment. Earlier this year, BTS announced they had renewed their contract with big hit entertainment for 7 more years, if they had thought about disbanding they would probably have not renewed their contracts.

The thought of disbandment really woke ARMY up, in response to what Jin said, ARMY trended the hashtag #thankyouBTS is number one on worldwide trends.a hashtag on twitter,

ARMY used the hashtag to express their gratitude to BTS for choosing to stick together, they also hoped they would take better care of themselves.