Blinks Upset With The Way BLACKPINK Were Treated At 2018 Melon Music Awards? 


Kpop fans have been talking about the 2018 Melon Music Awards for a while and for so many reasons, some of them were that two YG Ent. artists would be performing and attending the awards show.

The awards show was over, BLACKPINK took home two awards and fans had fun watching them, however, there were some happenings at the awards show that disappointed and infuriated BLINKs.

The red carpet

Many BLINKs were disappointed because of the high expectations they had of the event, their chance to see the girls live and interacting with fellow idols.

However, the girls didn’t walk the red carpet event. Fans waited for them but they were nowhere to be found. Fans were split, some of them blaming YG management for the delay in their arrival while others blamed MMA management.

No special stage and stage mishaps

According to various fan accounts, the MMA had promised a special stage for BLACKPINK. Fans had yet another thing to look forward to.

However, the girls performed only one song and there was no special stage.

Fans were extremely mad with the management of the MMA for promising something so big for the girls and then bailing out on that. All other groups performed between 2 to 3 songs but one of the most awaited stage performances of the night was only a short one with one song.

However, the problems with their stage don’t end there.

Fans also lashed out at the MMA for their bad camera work. They noticed that they cut Lisa and didn’t focus on her. They called it bad camera work because they thought the girls deserved better on stage, their stage didn’t shine as much as they had wanted it to on screen.

Fans also had a problem with the stage setting for their song. The theme for the MMA 2018 was ‘My Story’ however it showed the girls inside a cage and fans found an issue with that while others laughed at and compared it to the ‘YG dungeon.’

Wardrobe malfunction

The icing on the cake was the wardrobe malfunction of some of the members during their stage performance.

BLINKs were split on what to think of the girls outfits, some of them really liked the fashion while others didn’t like it so much. However, the styling of the girls contributed to a wardrobe malfunction during their performance and fans were upset with YG stylist for the outfits they picked for the girls.

Rose was one of the members that suffered malfunction during the performance and other fans pointed out that Jennie also suffered the same because their outfits weren’t functional for their choreography.


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