BLACKPINK Jennie Tops Real Time Search In China For Her ‘Lazy’ Performances At Recent Event

BLACKPINK Jennie is back in the news again for her performances!

On December 6, BLACKPINK were in China and attended the event “Kakao Games 2018 Year End Party.” In the event, they performed three of their hit tracks “DDU-DU DDU-DU,” “Forever Young” and “As If Its Your Last.”

The group performance went viral but for all the wrong reasons, Jennie’s performance and dancing became a hot topic on Chinese social media with many Chinese citizens criticizing her performances.

It became such a big trending topic that it ended up at the number 1 on real-time search in China attracting more than 2 million peoples who talked about it.

The comments on Weibo are really bad. BLINKs came to the defense of Jennie saying they are basing their judgment on a 2 to a 3-second video of her slipping up but she had corrected that and moved on to give her best.

Weibo is the biggest social media app in China so its become a big deal that so many Chinese netizens are talking about her and her name being attached to ‘lazy.’

However, this isn’t the first time she’s come under criticism. Previously, international Kpop fans voiced their opinions about her performances after a video comparing her old to new performances went viral attracting more than 2.8 million views before it was taken down for copyright-related issues.

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3 thoughts on “BLACKPINK Jennie Tops Real Time Search In China For Her ‘Lazy’ Performances At Recent Event”

  1. I feel like she just was tired and uncomfortable in what she was wearing since in the photos i saw in
    end that she literally had a cameltoe. In what i remember she was raised in New Zealand. (Do mind that as I’m typing this, I’m somewhat drunk.) And not a lot of people do feel comfortable in that, for a number of reasons. But from I gathered from there was that she was rather tired and uncomfortable.,

  2. I couldn’t even tell who anyone was except lisa but then I literally had to just look for the one who was tired, like she didn’t want to do the choreo or something, but I guess we shouldn’t jump to conclusions here


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