Sulli is back in the news for something that shouldn’t be a subject, to begin with (again).

On November 2, Sulli shared a set of photos to her Instagram account, in the photos she looks happy and ready for winter dressed in a sheer turtleneck top.

However, she ended up making headlines and trending in South Korea because of what could be seen as an otherwise very normal photo.

Turns out it was because she wasn’t wearing a bra, again.

She had previously received negative attention for wearing no-bra and for posting it on social media, this time netizens are debating whether its an okay thing to do or not.

Some were leaving comments commending her and giving her props for embracing her femininity while others called her out for being an attention seeker and someone with ‘issues.’

International fans also backed up Sulli who continues to be an unbothered queen wearing whatever she wants.


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겨울 오지마!!!!

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