YG Producer Replies Back To Blinks Asking About Other Members Promotions After Jennie’s Solo Debut

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A YG Entertainment producer has had enough with some blinks who kept demanding solo projects of other BLACKPINK members and criticize him for promoting Jennie.

On November 12, Jennie debuted as a solo artist with her song “SOLO.” As expected, the song was a great success and topped all major real-time Korean charts two and a half hours after its release.

However, this didn’t mean that some blinks won’t be demanding the release of the rest of BLACKPINK members.

A YG Entertainment producer who worked closely with Jennie has had enough and decided to give the fandom a piece of his mind, he posted a story to his instagram account saying,

“Jennie’s solo is out. So I made a post regarding Jennie. I will also do the same with the rest of the other members when they release their solo songs. So stop saying I am only promoting Jennie. Its not like she being ‘pushed’ because of me… I am not that amazing.”

He ended his message with,

“Black Pink solo project is just beginning.”


It seems that the producer was criticized after fans saw him promoting Jennie’s solo release.

The funny thing was that Yang Hyun Suk had previously confirmed that all of the girls will be releasing solo songs one after the other, Jennie was up first.

When the news first came out back in October and YG Entertainment confirmed Jennie’s solo debut project in the works, fans were livid and demanded the rest of members be treated equally.

As a result, Yang Hyun Suk personally cleared up the rumors explaining the rest will soon follow through an Instagram post, he said,

“We are simultaneously working on new BLACKPINK songs as well as solo projects for all 4 members at the moment.

JENNIE’s solo will be the first one to be released, to be followed by ROSÉ’s solo.

The biggest strength of BLACKPINK is that each member’s ability / talent as a solo artist is as strong as their teamwork / cohesiveness.”

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  1. It’s understandable for blinks to react that way given the fact that YG tends to forget his promises. Remember how Blackpink had been in hiatus for a over a year? Yet he kept saying stuff like “they’ll come back soon”; “they are filming their MV” (which was later changed to “they will soon start…”).

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