YanAn To Finally Resume Activities With Pentagon, Fans Ask ‘Where Is E’Dawn?’


I have great news to all Pentagon fans, YanAn is returning to Pentagon!

After more than 2 months hiatus, YanAn is finally resuming his activities with his group, according to Pentagon’s official Japanese fan café, he will be joining his group’s upcoming event called “PENTAGon MOVINGon” which will be held Tokyo’s Nakano Sun Plaza on November 25.

The date seems a little bit far but its still happy news and it probably means that he is now okay enough to resume his activities with his group.

Meanwhile, his fellow Pentagon member E’Dawn who has also been on hiatus since August is nowhere to be found. Cube Entertainment hasn’t released a statement whether he’ll be joining this event or not.

E’Dawn and YanAn both went on hiatus back in August around the time E’Dawn was confirmed to be dating HyunA. Cube Entertainment has explained in a statement that YanAn is taking a break due to health issue but didn’t go into details about how serious it was and didn’t explain why E’Dawn will be going on hiatus.

HyunA has officially left Cube Entertainment back in October but in their statement, Cube Entertainment didn’t comment on her boyfriend.

Since then, HyunA shared videos and photos of her various dates with boyfriend and E’Dawn even opened his own instagram account. He had opened one around the same time HyunA’s departure from Cube Entertainment was announced which prompted some fans to theorize that he might have left as well.

However, there are no official statements to back up those claims but mainly fans reactions and speculations.

Fans are still waiting for Cube Entertainment statement on E’Dawn’s future with his group, many still hope that he will be able to return and promote with his group soon!


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