WINNER’s Song Mino Talks About His Panic Disorder And How He Struggles With It

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WINNER’s Song Mino opens up about his own struggles with panic disorder on a recent episode of on JTBC’s “Human Intelligence.”

“Human Intelligence” is a pilot sci-fi variety show with the idea that the best version of artificial intelligence is human intelligence. Stars play the roles of artificial intelligent beings who help out idols.

Song Mino was joined by writer Kim Jung Ki who was a master in drawing, Song Mino is known for his good drawing skills. The two sat down on a bench and talked about their lives.

The writer asked the rapper about his the highlight of his life at the moment in order to craft the drawing, Song Mino replied,

“Right now, I am receiving lots of love it’s the highlight of my life.”

He was asked if he was happy these days, he said,

“I am happy, I am thankful, but as much as I am thankful right now, there are a lot of difficult things as well.”

He was then asked if he ever suffered from mental illness during his life, he shook his head and after a moment of hesitation he opened up,

“At the beginning of this year, panic disorder hit me hard. I didn’t think that it would happen to me, but then it all piled up at once. I have to always show the best side of myself to the public and always shine, but there is so much responsibility behind the scenes.”

He also added,

“You don’t know when it’ll all burst…”

But then concluded,

“I felt frustrated and I said to myself I shouldn’t be like this right now but then I talked a lot with people around me who also suffer from panic disorders and I felt better.”

Song Mino is currently preparing for his solo debut, his first solo album will drop on November 26.

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