Winners Of The Popularity Awards At The 2018 Asia Artist Awards Revealed

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Asia Artists Awards is one of the newest award ceremonies in Korea; it has been running for the past 2 years and is set to hold its 3rd event this month on November 28.

It will be MCed by Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Lee Sung Kyung, the event will be broadcasted on V Live.

The voting period started back on September 20 and closed on November 20th at 11:59 p.m. KST. Voting for the popularity awards section is 100% determined by fans and since the voting closed.

The voting period had three rounds; there are three categories, musical artist, male actor, and female actor, 10 nominees in each category competed for the titles.

On November 21, the winners of the Popularity Award have been revealed.

The Winners are:


EXO’s Sehun


Congrats to the winners!

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  1. Aww…Congratulations to all winners…BTS we your Armys are so proud of you guys..keep making us happy as you have always been doing…Keep the good work going we are here to support and cherish you guys in all circumstances. .Please always take enough rest and don’t forget that we are here for you all..Put God Almighty in everything you do because He is the one giving you guys life and strenght all the while…BTS and ARMYS FOREVER. ..

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