Wanna One Last Title Track Of Their Upcoming Album Leaked, Agency Issues An Official Response


The highly anticipated last album of Wanna One has run into trouble!

On November 14, an account on twitter gave fans the ability to download their upcoming title song “Spring Wind” from their first upcoming full studio album “1¹¹=1(POWER OF DESTINY).”

The song was leaked and the twitter post and it quickly spread through other social media accounts, it became a chaos.

In response to the leak, Wanna One’s agency Swing Entertainment released a response promising strict legal action, they stated,

“We have reported the issue as soon as the file was lead and will be taking internal measures.

Its very unfortunate that the song was leaked. We will find the source of it and will be taking strong action.”

However, the fandom of Wanna One isn’t happy with the response since this isn’t the first time something like this happened to the group. Their song “Boomerang” was also leaked back in March this year, it happened five days ahead of its release.

This leak has also happened five days ahead of its release, the group is set to come back on November 19 at 6 p.m. KST.

Fans of the group haven’t been so kind with their responses, many criticizing the agency for their lack of strict measures to prevent such a thing from occurring again.

Some wrote,

“Please be more responsible.. Wannaone work hard for this album..”

“If the Company did their job properly this mess wouldn’t have happened.”

“It’s painful for both Wanna One and Wannables that this kind of incident happened again.”

Fans have been urging everyone who likes the group not to listen to the leak and wait for the official release since it will be Wanna One’s last comeback.

How do you personally feel about this?

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