TWICE Nayeon And Jeongyeon Can’t Stop Gushing About How Amazing BLACKPINK’s Concert Was

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On November 10 and 11, BLACKPINK held their first EVER solo concert as a group. They entertained fans on the course of two days and the concerts were a smashing success.

Many celebrities attended the concert on day 1 and 2, although the majority of celebrities came to support the group on day 2.

Some of the attendees of the group were TWICE’s Nayeon and Momo, but it turns out that Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung had also joined their group mates later to the concert.

Fans know well that the two groups are close, while some fans tend to put them up against each other or create fanwars, the girls are close enough but sadly they don’t get to meet up often because of their hectic schedules.

During a V Live session, Nayeon and Jeongyeon interacted with fans and answered various questions. During the session, the girls talked about how much they enjoyed the concert.

Initially, fans only knew that Nayeon and Momo went because of the photos shared online; Jeongyeon said that she enjoyed the concert a lot while Nayeon added,

“I actually danced a lot…

Momo and I danced like crazy so much so that our manager took a video of us with his phone.”

Jeongyeon, on the other hand, expressed disappointment that she couldn’t watch the entire concert, she said,

“But we came in mid-concert due to our schedules. I didn’t get to see DDU-DU-DDU-DU.

I can’t believe i didn’t get to see DDU-DU-DDU-DU.”

Jeongyeon was upset about missing the song she called ‘fun, its such a fun song,’ while Nayeon teased her saying ‘but I got to see it’ and proceeded to dance cutely to the choreography of DDU-DU-DDU-DU.

The girls also talked about the concert venue and discussed the sound, Jeongyeon said,

 “They recently did construction there and the sound quality improved so much.”

Nayeon replied,

“We performed there once after the construction too.”

Jeongyeon then added,

“But you said you didn’t like it very much. I thought it was really good”.

We’re glad they enjoyed it!

You can check out the full V Live session here.

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