TOP 10 Kpop Groups With The Highest Albums Sales On Gaon Charts Since 2010 Revealed


Gaon Chart has recently released a very interesting list, the list of the top 10 artists who accumulated the most in physical album sales since 2010.

The list doesn’t include any group that has debuted before 2010 since Gaon has been established back in 2010. The calculated data are from 2010 to November 3, 2018.

The accumulative album’s sales include subunits of the same group but not any solo release of any idol in any group.

Here is the list:

  1. EXO (debuted in 2012)

Albums sold: 10,617,948

They are the only group on this list who have surpassed 10 million in sales on Gaon.

  1. BTS (debuted in 2013)

Albums sold: 9,815,626

They will soon be able to exceed the 10 million album sales mark because of their two releases earlier this year.

  1. Wanna One (debuted in 2017)

Albums sold: 2,899,079

Wanna One is the youngest group and the only group who debuted in 2017 to be featured on the list.

They are set to comeback one last time on November 19, and are expected to surpass the 3 million mark.

  1. TWICE (debuted in 2015)

Albums sold: 2,716,832

It’s the only girl group to be featured on this list. They have recently come back with “YES or YES” and are expected to surpass the 3 million in album sales.

  1. GOT7 (debuted in 2014)

Albums sold: 2,294,199

GOT7’s most recent album has been certified platinum by Gaon.

  1. SEVENTEEN (debuted in 2015)

Albums sold: 2,217,819

SEVENTEEN’s most recent album “You Make My Day” received platinum certification.

  1. INFINITE (debuted in 2010)

Albums sold: 1,518,763

It’s the oldest group to be featured on this list. The list calculated sales of their hit sub units INFINITE H and INFINITE F as well.

  1. VIXX (debuted in 2012)

Albums sold: 1,443,114

  1. NCT (debuted in 2016)

Albums sold: 1,370,716

Of course, the data includes all of NCT’s sub units, half of the number reported above was sold in 2018 alone.

  1. MONSTA X (debuted in 2015)

Albums sold: 1,055,357

They are the latest edition to the list.

What do you think of the list?

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