Remember the good old days of Kpop? And how fans longed for interactions between YG and SM artists? And wondered why they didn’t get as much as they had hoped for?

Well, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and former 2NE1 member Dara explain why it didn’t usually happen.

The two have joined hands along with rapper DinDin, NU’EST Jr. and many others for a variety show called “Borrow Trouble 2.”

Since SM and YG artists are known for carrying two contrasting images, it was believed that the two can never get along, although in recent years that did change.

Rapper DinDin brought it up first and asked why it was very rare to see SM and YG artists interact.

Dara also thought they couldn’t get along and even said,

“This is a first for me. Its my first time going on vacation this long as well.”

Eunhyuk then commented on SM and YG artists relationships and said,

“I thought there would be a sort of a wall between us and it felt we could never become friends.”

Dara agreed to that notion and added,

“Sometimes, I wondered if there would be a scandal even if I said hi to ‘Eunhyuk.’ Since I am a woman idol and they are men.”

Eunhyuk explained that is because of YG’s image, he said,

“It felt that it was inevitable since YG does hip hop music and their artists are known for having a strong image, personalities, and pride.”

Dara agreed to that and added,

“Its true that YG artists might look as if they’d be mean, but that’s not the case for me, I am pretty shy at first ‘introvert.’ I think I have an SM image.”

DinDin added that he wishes this show can help make SM and YG artists get along, Dara said,

“We are on good terms, even now.”

Of course, things have changed since then. Members of BLACKPINK and Red Velvet are known for being friends with each other.

What do you think of this?

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