The Controversy Surrounding CLC, IZ*ONE And “La Vie En Rose”

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The furry against Cube Entertainment isn’t dying down any time soon, but this time it’s not about E’Dawn and HyunA, this time its about CLC and the newly debuted girl group IZ*ONE.

IZ*ONE has recently debuted with the hit track “La Vie En Rose” which went on to break so many records left and right. Fans loved the song and how the members fit it so well.

However, soon after a video of CLC vocals for “La Vie En Rose” spread online and made its way to YouTube and fans were furious. The video was of dancers showing the choreography of the song not CLC themselves but the backup vocals were those of CLC.

Fans knew that CLC had been preparing for a comeback and had even started teasing back in May 2018 with roses to fans, suddenly the teasing stopped and it just dropped off of the face of the earth.

Turns out it was because “La Vie En Rose” was passed to IZ*ONE, eventually. To give you a background of whats going on, the song was written, composed and produced by the MosPick Music Producing Group from Cube Entertainment.

MosPick Music Producing Group is known for being one of Cube Entertainment’s In-house/ Guest Composers.

Fans of CLC felt extremely sorry for the underrated girl group and their hard work that went into the track which ended up at the hands of another group. Fans didn’t point the blame at IZ*ONE since its not the girls’ fault but seeked out an explanation from the agency themselves.

There are many rumors going around, some saying that the producers sold the song to IZ*ONE’s agency while others said that the song was passed around to Fromis9 at first then to IZ*ONE. I couldn’t find any proof of what many rumors said so, for now, this is what we have.

The demo and the dancing for the song were really great, I liked both versions and thought the girls nailed it, each group give a different feel.

How do you personally feel about this?

Check out the dance video and the demo song below:

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