Stylist Responsible For The Photoshoot Of BTS’s RM Alleged Nazi Hat Speaks Up & Defends BTS


On November 13, stylist Kim Wook officially responded to questions regarding his old photo shoot with BTS that recently stirred up controversy.

As mentioned previously, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, one of the largest international Jewish human rights organizations, wrote a post to their official website denouncing BTS for wearing a hat with the symbol of the Nazi party and for a concert in which they wave flags that are eerily similar to the swastika.

Regarding the alleged nazi hat RM wore, the stylist denied the allegations that the hat was his own property in a phone interview.

He said,

“It was not my own hat and it wasn’t something that the media outlet responsible for the photo shoot prepared.

I remember this photo-shoot because it was my first after I went independent.

I remember that it was a collaboration with a brand back then. It’s standard practice to write in the caption that something is the stylist’s property when we are using an artists’ own clothes or any unofficial sponsorship product.”

When asked if the hat has been an official sponsorship product, Kim Wook firmly denied that adding that if he didn’t know it was an accessory then its an unofficial sponsorship product.

He continued and defended BTS saying,

“I remember the clothes that I put them in. None of the BTS members were even wearing a hat when they came to the studio for the photo shoot.

Therefore, its not a personal collection. If I had to give a guess I’d say that we just ended up using a product that happened to be at the studio during that time.”

He was then asked about the controversy, he explained that he has been receiving lots of calls about the photo shoot and added that he’s been attacked by fans or had his privacy invaded.

Also, a source from an unnamed magazine backed up the stylist’s words and revealed that there are many media outlets who use lots of products and they’re usually lying around in any studio, adding,

“Photographers will ask an artist/s to put on things that have nothing to do with a stylist personal taste or opinion at times.”

Big Hit Entertainment has already released a response apologizing for the matters and clarifying what had happened!

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My Thoughts

Some say its photoshopped (the hat) while others don’t say that. Big Hit has already released an official response and they apologized without making up any excuses.

While I can’t defend the hat but I also know well that BTS has nothing to do with what they wear most of the time, especially a couple of years ago when they haven’t yet hit it big, they were known but not to this extent. I also know that Koreans sometimes wear stuff that they don’t understand its meaning. I get that there would be backlash but it was soooo out of control and too much..

What I don’t understand is why would anyone bring up issues of the past so easily just to tear someone down… Not only rude but very desperate, today felt like a witch hunt for BTS.

I am not even an army and will never be officially a fan, I do respect the boys and I am not saying this to gain points from anyone, but that was low, exceptionally low.

I do know its bad and do know that a lot of people died because of it. I am not trying to defend BTS, but I say bringing up small things from the past is just desperate.

I am glad everyone is silenced now!


  1. I don’t agree with the statement that it was ‘small things’ from the past. I’m neither defending nor condemning BTS. I’m neither an army fan nor a hater. But calling the Nazi rule in Germany and the massacre that followed, “small things” isn’t very sensitive either.


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