Song Mino Says Yang Hyun Suk Felt Like A Girlfriend While Preparing His First Solo Album

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WINNER’s Song Mino has finally made his solo debut with his first studio album “XX.”

It has been four years since Mino debuted with his group WINNER; he had previously released solo tracks through “Show Me the Money 4” but this marks his first solo album.

A press conference was held on November 26, Song Mino talked about the stages and efforts it took to complete his album, he credited Yang Hyun Suk for his attention and attentiveness to details.

He revealed that they spent a lot of time together while he was preparing for his solo album “XX,” he said,

“Yang Hyun Suk would stay with me from 1 p.m. to 4 or 5 in the morning. He paid close attention to the smallest details of even my B-side tracks. He’d stay up all night with me.

It almost felt as if he was a girlfriend because of how often he texted me and chatted with me. I was really touched. Its something uncommon in YG.”

He was also asked about how his bandmates felt about his solo release, he says they liked it and called it ‘amazing,’ he also added that he made sure to ask Jinwoo for his advice while making his album, he explained why,

“When I work on songs I make sure to ask Jin Woo. He has clean ears and can tell me how it would sound to the general public, he also typically give honest reviews. So if he approves a song, I feel accomplished with my work.”

Have you checked out his album yet?

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