Singer Se7en Reacts To BTS’s J-Hope Mentioning Him In His 2018 Asia Artist Awards Speech

Guess who joined BTS’s fandom recently?

Singer Se7en revealed that he has become a BTS fan in a recent instagram post.

On November 28, BTS and Se7en attended 2018 Asia Artist Awards, they performed and also won awards. Fans were happy to see Se7en at an awards show for the first time in a while.

During BTS’s Daesang (grand prize) acceptance speech every member was given the chance to express their thoughts, J-Hope’s speech caught Se7en’s attention.

In J-Hope’s speech he spoke about how Se7en’s passion influenced him, in his speech he said,

“When I was young, I saw Se7en sunbaenim ‘Passion’ and it made me feel passion and want to chase my dreams.”

The song he’s talking about was released back in 2004; Se7en performed this song at the 2018 Asia Artist Awards.

In his speech J-Hope talked about his gratitude to senior singers and took the chance to express his happiness to be around many sunbaenim he grew up watching and admiring.

On November 29, Se7en posted that part of J-Hope’s speech and said he became a fan and congratulated them.


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#이제는내가너희들FAN #BTS #congrats👍

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