SHINee’s Leader Onew Military Enlistment Date Has Been Confirmed, Its Sooner Than We All Expected

SHINee’s Leader Onew is going to the military soon, very very soon!

On November 9, it was reported that Onew will be enlisting in the army this upcoming December 10. Following those reports, SM Entertainment released a statement confirming Onew’s enlistment, they said,

“Onew has expressed his desire to enlist quietly. We will respect his wishes and not reveal the location or time of his enlistment.”

They also added that there will be no sendoff or press event ahead of his enlistment.

SHINee’s Onew is born in 1989 and is the oldest member of his group. He is the first one to enlist.

SHINee has recently celebrated their 10th anniversary with triple tracks “Good Evening,” “I Want You,” and “Our Page.”

We wish you all the best Onew!

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