Arguably one of the most anticipated debuts of 2019! More details has finally released on Big Hit’s upcoming boy group.

On November 29, various industry insiders reported that the boy group is debuting early next year, it will be composed of five members and their average age will be 17.

It has been also reported the new boy group will have a different concept from their seniors BTS.

The agency’s CEO Bang Shi Hyuk has paid special attention to BTS’s group album production, MVs, performances, stage direction among other things; this has helped propel BTS into global stars.

The industry insiders expect that the knowledge he gained through the work with BTS will also naturally be passed to the rookie group as well.

Anticipation is at an all-time high, on November 27, Big Hit Entertainment confirmed their plans to debut a new boy group. This group is going to be the first group Big Hit Entertainment debuts after BTS’s debut back in 2013.

Who’s excited?

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