When will it ever be over? Seems like it won’t be any time soon!

Earlier today, Twitter was buzzing about Dahyun from TWICE who was called out by a Japanese politician for wearing a shirt that supports comfort women. The politician demanded their upcoming appearance on one of the most prominent and popular Japanese end year shows to be canceled.

The issue went viral in Japan and his tweet attracted a lot of likes and retweets.

FYI: the picture of the shirt she wore was taken back in September 2017 and it recently came into light.

The same thing happened to BTS, although their issue is now semi-solved and the label apologized. It began when Jimin was called out for wearing a shirt with an atomic bomb photo on it, the atomic bomb which took the lives of many Japanese and Koreans back during WWII.

Fans back then said that there were other idols who also wore the same shirt Jimin wore but weren’t called out and some called this hypocritical.

MONSTA X’s Jooheon was also captured wearing the shirt. People have begun sharing the photo of him wearing it. Fans of the group told others to stop because they were only making it worse while others called out double standards between idols.

But he wasn’t the only other idol who wore the shirt; JBJ’s Hyunbin has also worn the shirt previously.

The issue is garnering a lot of attention since the relation between Korea and Japan is tense these days.

What do you personally think of this?

My Reaction

Some of you might call me out for spreading the issue and its totally understandable but since jazminemedia.com is not only about news and gossip but also reactions to those, I had a couple of thoughts to share on this.

I also heard some Japanese people are also using this for their own narrative (which is another argument on its own) but I want to discuss the Kpop part of it, us Kpop fans who are supposed to support idols.

Just because someone suffered for something doesn’t mean everyone must suffer for it, especially if its not that big of a deal and they probably had no control over it.

Like some of the tweets above, its not about the bomb, its about the tense relationship and Japanese media hunting down Kpop in general. We all suspect that, why are you trying to make this another witch hunt?

He probably also wore it because he was instructed to, the same goes for that other guy….

I know they do good things and I know I might be generalizing but many of those people who are now demanding an apology of Jooheon want it because their group suffered. I just can’t roll with this mentality or defend it!

Fine, if you want him to apologize because its hurtful (the bomb picture) I understand your narrative, there is nothing wrong with that. But to want the same buzz around it because BTS also suffered…. no!