MONSTA X’s Jooheon Is The Next Kpop Idol To Face Backlash For Wearing The Same Shirt Jimin Wore


When will it ever be over? Seems like it won’t be any time soon!

Earlier today, Twitter was buzzing about Dahyun from TWICE who was called out by a Japanese politician for wearing a shirt that supports comfort women. The politician demanded their upcoming appearance on one of the most prominent and popular Japanese end year shows to be canceled.

The issue went viral in Japan and his tweet attracted a lot of likes and retweets.

FYI: the picture of the shirt she wore was taken back in September 2017 and it recently came into light.

The same thing happened to BTS, although their issue is now semi-solved and the label apologized. It began when Jimin was called out for wearing a shirt with an atomic bomb photo on it, the atomic bomb which took the lives of many Japanese and Koreans back during WWII.

Fans back then said that there were other idols who also wore the same shirt Jimin wore but weren’t called out and some called this hypocritical.

MONSTA X’s Jooheon was also captured wearing the shirt. People have begun sharing the photo of him wearing it. Fans of the group told others to stop because they were only making it worse while others called out double standards between idols.

But he wasn’t the only other idol who wore the shirt; JBJ’s Hyunbin has also worn the shirt previously.

The issue is garnering a lot of attention since the relation between Korea and Japan is tense these days.

What do you personally think of this?

My Reaction

Some of you might call me out for spreading the issue and its totally understandable but since is not only about news and gossip but also reactions to those, I had a couple of thoughts to share on this.

I also heard some Japanese people are also using this for their own narrative (which is another argument on its own) but I want to discuss the Kpop part of it, us Kpop fans who are supposed to support idols.

Just because someone suffered for something doesn’t mean everyone must suffer for it, especially if its not that big of a deal and they probably had no control over it.

Like some of the tweets above, its not about the bomb, its about the tense relationship and Japanese media hunting down Kpop in general. We all suspect that, why are you trying to make this another witch hunt?

He probably also wore it because he was instructed to, the same goes for that other guy….

I know they do good things and I know I might be generalizing but many of those people who are now demanding an apology of Jooheon want it because their group suffered. I just can’t roll with this mentality or defend it!

Fine, if you want him to apologize because its hurtful (the bomb picture) I understand your narrative, there is nothing wrong with that. But to want the same buzz around it because BTS also suffered…. no!


  1. It really is pathetic. Just because one group got into trouble they want to drag Jooheon into it, that’s just ungrateful. Please stay in your lane! It’s like little kids going around pointing fingers and yes I’m an Army too and I see this being completely wrong. Please Fandoms grow up.

    • They don’t want to drag him into it they just want to show the reason this got out of hand with jimin even if other idols used the shirt was because of the hate all of the kpop fandoms have for bts and army so they only ones being childish here where these people that even sided with the ones against bts even if those people aren’t good

  2. It drags down the whole group. I am army but I don’t see the point in dragging others down. It’s just petty as hell. Grow up. But seriously one made a mistake and others have they, if they didn’t apologize it’s fine. Why? Because they didn’t know any better.

  3. It was the international armys who put up the pic. K armys were more focused on defending bts and supporting them. Japan is always eager to point fingers regardless of which kpop idea. Because an apology was posted they can’t continue to point fingers so instead they find another target to take their anger out on. And wasn’t jbj’s hyunbin the person who modeled the shirt and also isn’t the shirt sold in Japan too.

  4. They don’t want to drag him into it they just want to show the reason this got out of hand with jimin even if other idols used the shirt was because of the hate all of the kpop fandoms have for bts and army so they only ones being childish here where these people that even sided with the ones against bts even if those people aren’t good

  5. do you have a brain? for real? wow! your way of thinking is sick…. you’re one of those same people who tried to end bts careers, you belong in the same category and you’re pathetic. this article isn’t biased, it talks sense which you apparently lack to understand. i almost pitty you!

  6. That’s funny. If the same thing happened with MonstaX first, y’all K-Pop fans will what? Say that. But when ARMYs pointed out THE MOST OBVIOUS THING THAT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME. y’all are clipped and will say “you like BTS and not ARMYs” you’re just as hypocritical as what this issue is all about. I’m done.

  7. I just think it’s stupid how biased some people are, it’s always been like this, from the beginning, it doesn’t even surprise me anymore.
    “OMG, BTS’ Jimin wore that shirt?? We gotta make a hell of chaos, this is disgusting, how could he?? Apologize… NOW”
    Someone else uses the same shirt “Oh, it’s fine, I bet they didn’t mean to be offensive”
    I’m just gonna say this, if you agree that Jimin/BigHit should have apologized for that shirt, but think that the other idols that used it should be left alone without even saying sorry, I hope you realise that makes NO sense.
    When people do something wrong, they should pay for it… if you consider that shirt offensive, then EVERYONE who ever wore it should take responsibility for their actions, not just the one dude you guys dislike for the sole reason he’s a member of BTS.
    PS: If you don’t think people made a bigger deal about Jimin’s shirt than they should, because he’s part of BTS, you’re seriously blind to reality.

  8. I think the reason Bts got so much attention is because Jimin wore it in Japan but Jooheon and Hyunbin didn’t. Army’s really need to chill out and stop trying to drag other idols into this. Like seriously it’s so childish of Army’s to do that and I am an Army myself but I also love other groups and I hate how all these new fans cause trouble and try to drag others into it.

  9. I agree with you. the shirt is disgusting because it depicts violence, not because one guy or another wore it. people keep trying to make it seem like because Jimin was ousted for it, it was just because of his popularity but its actually because it’s just gross for anyone to celebrate the death of millions of people. Americans don’t go around wearing a photo of the twin towers with 9/11 stamped across it. so yes Jooheon needs to apologize, as well as his stylists and anyone who has ever paid for this horrifying act of violence against humanity. stop making this about one random or the next. stop fighting each other and realize it’s wrong no matter who does it. AND this is coming from a Jooheon/Jimin biased freak.

  10. My only issue is that the shirt isn’t a mistake. A political statement I’d just that. The conservative Japanese government will always make mountains out of molehills. If everyone stops overreacting, including ifans who have no interest in historical politics, these matters will remain in diplomatic circles.


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