There has been a war going on for the past couple of hours on twitter and Facebook, army are extremely disappointed and furious after seeing MOMOLAND laughing and whispering during BTS’s performance, the infamous performance where Jimin’s voice cracked because of the wrong sound mixing as it was previously revealed.

The reaction camera caught fans’ attention and it unleashed something that was very scary, suddenly some army began attacking MOMOLAND calling them extremely disrespectful towards Jimin and BTS during their performance.

In one angle of the shared fan cam you can see the girls enjoying BTS’s performance and then they suddenly start laughing and whisper between each other, they stop then concentrated on the performance again.

Some army leaving comments like,

“I  wasn’t the one to ever dislike groups no matter how disrespectful some of their fans are. I only argue with fans. But they are the first group on my  dislike list.”

“Doubt they’ll win anything this year at any big award show soo..”

“I lost my respect for Momoland, actually I never had any to begin with.”

The issue made by a certain twitter account blew up, the fan cam has been up for about 4 days since the awards show and everyone was reacting positively to it then suddenly one clip of the video spreads and it paints MOMOLAND in a bad light.

However, to all army, if you watch the full reaction video and from any angle, you will realize the girls weren’t being disrespectful.

We also don’t know the circumstances and why the girls were smiling and some laughing. Assuming they were making fun of the mistake BTS suffered during the awards show is a bit too much.

Now, other fandoms are also picking at army for overreacting and overly criticizing MOMOLAND’s smile. One wrote,

“What’s funny about the Momoland/BTS situation is that I had that reaction to Jimins high note too. For some reason, some armys think it’s wrong to criticize your favs vocals. Twice are my favorite group but even I can see their flaws sometimes.”

Some others shared more angles of the video and noticed how happily MOMOLAND members were dancing to BTS’s during their songs; it shows a very different narrative.

Check out the full reaction video below:

What do you personally think of this?