Actor Lee Seo Won has officially begun his military service!

On November 22, his agency Blossom Entertainment released a statement addressing why he had missed his fourth hearing of his ongoing trial for sexually harassing a female celebrity then threatening her with a knife for rejecting his advances.

Since then he had pleaded guilty to the charges but still claims he doesn’t remember anything according to his lawyer.

In their official statement, Blossom Entertainment explained that Lee Seo Won received a notice of enlistment on November 12. In order to see if it would be possible for him to delay it slightly to attend his hearing they had submitted questions to the Military Manpower Administration, they found out that the attendance of his trails doesn’t fall under reasons for postponing the military service.

Thus, he enlisted on November 20. His case will be forwarded to the military court and he’ll attend it with the status of a soldier.

A statement of the court confirmed that they had been told the actor enlisted on November 20 noting that his fourth hearing has been delayed to January 2019 to be held in military courts.

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