Lee Jong Suk is in a sticky situation right now!

The actor posted to his Instagram account on November 5, in his post he captured a space in a Jakarta airport and explained that he and his team members have been detained following his fan meeting.

He wrote,

“I was able to finish the fan meeting with a thankful heart. But I and my staff are now stuck in Jakarta. I think we’ve been detained since yesterday…

The promoter of the event in Jakarta, yes24, had reported lower profits from the fan meeting than what we had actually made to the local tax authorities. Me and my staff have nothing to do with it, nevertheless, our passports have been taken and we couldn’t return home.

I hope that yes24, as well as their agencies the Cre8tive Lab and Yumetomo resolve this quickly.”

This is the first time I have been in such a situation… I don’t know what to do…”

Fans were baffled by the situation and very upset that the actor schedule has been deeply affected by it.

His agency, A-Man Project backed up what he said in a statement and explained that he was supposed to return on November 4. They added,

“We are now working hard to solve the problem in Jakarta. We are now in the middle of adjusting his schedule as there are issues with his immediate drama filming as well as other schedules.”

We hope that this issue gets resolved soon! Stay tuned for updates!

Source: (A)

My Thoughts

I applause Lee Jong Suk’s courage I just love how he calls them out, everyone out.

What were they thinking? I mean did they seriously think they could evade it? I mean if the authorities found them and detained the actor who has nothing to do with it, its only a matter of time before they track them down and punish them… why so stupid?

I hope this yes24 gets properly punished and be reliable to damages they cost Lee Jong Suk. The poor guy is hella busy ahead of his military enlistment filming for his drama and they just wasted about 2 days from his time…