Korean Music Industry Experts Choose These As The 2018 Best Songs, Best Comebacks And More


Its that time of the year again, the time when songs, performances, albums, dramas and movies get ranked in a list and experts weigh in on what was the best and worst.

On November 2, Korean news outlet Joy News 24 conducted a special survey from October 19th to the 26th asking 200 individuals from the entertainment industry to vote the best of the best in three categories, best song of 2018, the best-welcomed comeback of 2018 and the artist that achieved unexpected success in 2018.

For the best song of 2018 experts picked iKON’s “Love Scenario” as number one with 57 votes, BTS’s “Fake Love” BLACKPINK’s “DDU DU DDU DU” and took the second spot they tied with 36 votes each.

Other BTS songs such as “IDOL” and “DNA” were also popular choices by experts, BTS snagged a total of 51 votes of 200 in that category and had the most number of ‘best 2018 songs’ on that list.

For best-welcomed comeback of 2018, H.O.T a veteran Kpop boy group snagged the first spot with 52 votes, Lee Moon Se was number 2 with 25 votes, IU at number 3 with 22 votes, followed by Lim Chang Jung and BoA, for number 4 and 5 respectively.

For the artist that achieved unexpected success in 2018, as you’d expect, Shaun’s hit track “Way Back Home” helped him snag the first spot with 42 votes, BTS came in second place with 24 votes, Momoland with 17 votes, iKON with 12 votes, Kim Chung Ha with 8 votes, and Sunmi with 7 votes.

What artist/artists you’d pick for each category? Do you agree with the experts’ choices?

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