Jimin Says “My Heart Hurts” Speaking Up About His T-Shirt Controversy

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Jimin has finally spoken up about the controversy surrounding a t-shirt he wore a year ago that had a photo of the atomic bomb on it.

BTS had held the first concert of their Japanese leg tour at Tokyo Dome and it was their first official appearance since the t-shirt controversy.

After the concert finished, Jimin took time to address his Japanese fans and talk about the controversy, he said,

“I think many army from around the world were surprised and worried because of recent events. My heart hurts.”

He then opened up about their humble beginnings in Japan, he said,

“We held our first showcase at a small concert stage in  Tokyo, back then we were surprised by how many Japanese army actually showed up to see us.

Before, coming to the Tokyo Dome, we went around a lot.

I don’t think I will be able to forget our first concert at the Tokyo Dome with all of you today.

I am happy to be with you army. I hope that you also feel happy seeing us too.”

Big Hit Entertainment has also released an official apology to BTS’s recent controversies.

They entertained more than 50,000 fans at Tokyo Dome on November 13.

How do you feel about his apology?

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MY Reaction

He didn’t outwardly express it, but I do feel sorry for him!

This is coming from someone who is not an army, I do like BTS but I am not vastly interested in them or whatever they do like ‘fans’ do. I do find their success rather interesting and a good case to study.

I liked that Big Hit apologized for the shirt, we might think its only a shirt but to them it can become a death sentence if media decides to play around with it as they please. What I mean by that, is that taking a stance or expressing an opinion as an idol is something almost impossible because you will always be offending someone. BTS have a lot to lose if they decided to do that. Now whether the shirt was Jimin’s fault or not, we don’t know and I don’t think we ever will, big hit will try to protect their boys to the max!

I do think the shirt can be considered hurtful because a lot of people died because of that bomb. The designer said he didn’t mean it but it doesn’t take away from the fact that we as well as the victims and their families can see it like that.

I do wish him all the best, I heard from many fans he’s the most sensitive in his group. Right now, I am at a point where I wish BTS would end the year without any more controversies…

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  1. Here’s the thing I don’t think some fans understand; Most K-Idols don’t really have a decision of what they wear. This could have simply been a stylist trolling, I don’t know! It’s not his fault.

  2. I just want them to know that they do nothing wrong but I can’t and it’s hurts me because they hurt and they don’t deserve to hurt. Like why can’t people just hive them a break. It wasn’t his fault. It’s never their fault and they need to know that. He is never a burden to us and he never will be. We love them all so much and they need to know that

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