IU Apologizes Profusely After Mentioning Wanna One’s Kang Daniel Name By Mistake

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IU is one funny cute idol!

On a recent episode of her reality show IU TV, the idol apologized to fans when accidentally mentioning Wanna One’s Kang Daniel name.

She was talking to her manager, she complimented him telling him that he’s become more handsome these days and looks like an idol, she was asked by a staff member of what did his hair style remind her of, she paused trying to think about a possible name.

When she couldn’t pinpoint it, the manager jokingly said,

“Kang Daniel!”

When IU heard the answer she was taken back, she then talked straight to the camera asking the editing team to take this out and apologized bowing, she also asked for forgiveness.

She said jokingly,

“Please edit out this part our manager could die! I promise he’s a good person, please edit this out. I apologize on his behalf. We’re very sorry, it was a mistake!”

She then got her manager and told him to apologize as well; he said that he liked the group as well as Kang Daniel while apologizing.

Fans loved the clip she shared to her instagram as well, many praising her humble behavior and friendliness to her staff as well. Kang Daniel fans were even thankful she brought up his name and said she didn’t need to apologize.

How can IU be this cute?

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https://youtu.be/IApJcc9i9b0 저희 한터매니저는 워너원분들을 응원합니다.🙏🏻

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  1. As an American, it is unclear to me where the faux pas was committed. Is it considered insulting for normal people to be publicly compared to stars? Was she worried Kang’s fans would be insulted because some ordinary, mild-mannered bloke was being compared to their idol?

    Please provide the cultural context.

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