Halsey, Camila Cabello, Little Mix, Terry Crews And More Gush About Their Love For BTS


It seems that everybody likes BTS, celebrities who attended 2018 MTV Europe Music Award (hereafter EMAs) confirm.

On November 4 (local time), MTV Europe Music Award held its ceremony, on the red carpet many celebrities were interviewed and asked about BTS and whether they knew them.

Jason Derulo said,

“They’re great performers.”

Halsey said,

“BTS are really good friends of mine, they are the most charming talented amazing guys that work so hard, harder than any artist I know. Their fans love them for that because they know how dedicated they are so I think that’s part of it.”

Little Mix said,

“they’re a breath of fresh air.”

Terry Crew said he was also a BTS fan and in the interview he also screamed “BTSS!!”

While Camila Cabello proceeded to talk about their dance moves and tried to demonstrate some of them.

BTS fandom army had the best reaction to what the celebrities said, one saying,

“If Terry Crew likes you then it means you’re something.”

Others loved what Little Mix said and wished for some interactions between the boys in future award shows.

They also commended Halsey for explaining why the fandom of BTS is so dedicated for them! BTS took home Biggest Fans Award that night.

Check out the clip below:


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