GOT7 Open Up About The Time JB And Jinyoung Got Into A Fight Because Of A Mat

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GOT7 is known to be one of the most beloved Kpop groups of this generation, they are extremely talented but also extremely funny and refreshingly honest.

They are one of the few Kpop groups that aren’t shy about opening up about their times of conflict.

On a recent episode of “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook,” the boys opened up about a very big fight they had and how it resulted in one member grabbing the other by collar.

The MC Yoo Hee Yeol remarked that unlike other boy groups, GOT7 are not worried about getting real and honest about how much they fight with each other.

Yugyeom said,

“We’ve fought so many times.”

Jingyoung then talked about an incident were two members debated about how a mat should be placed.

The two members were JB and Jinyoung, they were arguing about how a mat was supposed to be placed whether it should be vertically or horizontally, the fight got so intense one of them grabbed the other by the collar.

Jackson remarked that it was a huge fighting scene and almost felt as if they were shooting a drama.

JB explained his side of the story he said,

“When placed down vertically, you can lie down from head to toe on it more comfortably, but fewer members can lie down. But if you lay it down horizontally, then more members can lie on it, but your legs end up touching the dirty floor. That was why we ended up disagreeing.”

Jackson said,

“I was at the place of the incident and I was looking through my phone when it happened, it seemed that they were filming a drama right next to me,”

he proceeded to show with BamBam how they were fighting.

Jackson was the mediator, he ended up breaking the fight and helped Jinyoung and JB reconcile.

Check out the full clip below:

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