GFRIEND Agency Announces Yuju Is Resuming Activities Next Week, Fans Pissed About Lack Of Explanation


After almost a month of speculations and worry, GFRIEND’s Agency confirmed to Herlad Pop that Yuju will be returning to her group’s activities in December, they released this statement on November 22.

“There is no problem at the present and she’ll return to her normal activities with her group in December.”

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This came after a worrisome month for GFRIEND fans who noticed that Yuju’s last public appearance with her group was back in late October. She has not been spotted in any of her group’s activities in November at all.

Worried fans expressed their concern for her safety and demanded an explanation from the label. The label had issued a statement on November 20, they wrote,

“There is nothing wrong with the safety of Yuju. The reason will be revealed soon.”

However, the agency didn’t specify the reason for her absence as they had initially stated with the second statement they released on November 22.

As expected fans are not happy about the way it was handled by the agency.  Fans welcomed Yuju back but also left comments such as,

“We will wait.”

“We want to see you soon.”

“Why didn’t they explain why she didn’t participate in any activities?”

“We didn’t wait for a month not to get an explanation for her absence!”

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