EXO’s Baekhyun Calls Out Sasaengs Again For Meddling With His Private Life, EXO-Ls Furious


EXO’s Baekhyun has, again, called out Sasaengs for their continuous attempts to contact him via his phone number. He vented in frustration in a recent Instagram live he held on November 24.

A twitter user account translated what he said during the V Live sessions, EXO-Ls followed the account closely and were furious after understanding what Baekhyun had been discussing.

This isn’t the first time he called out sasaengs for interfering with his life, he has again expressed his feelings about them.

He called them attention seekers and blamed them for the way the members’ phone numbers are always leaked on the internet. He says that he gets 100 messages/calls a day from them so much so that he can’t even read his parents’ messages sometimes because of the huge influx of messages he gets from them pushing down older messages.

He says he wants everyone to be happy and that hasn’t changed from his debut days, he says that he doesn’t believe those sasaengs are EXO-Ls, because real EXO-Ls would never do that.

He also kindly responded to fans asking him how many albums they should buy, he said,

“No, you can stop buying albums now! Don’t buy a lot, but buy something warm, like a padding jacket! stop buying albums! we set a 10 million record, that’s enough!”

He talked about how much these sasaengs stressed him out, he also says he feels crappy.

In response, EXO-Ls were extremely furious with those sasaengs who still, to this day, refuse to leave Baekhuyn and the rest of the members alone.

Check out the video of the live stream below:

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