EXO Members Reaction To D.O’s First On-Screen Kiss Is Exactly How You Think It Would Be

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EXO members have reunited at last for their comeback with their fifth studio album “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo” which was released on November 2 at 6 p.m. KST.

Ahead of their comeback, they held a press conference in which they discussed their recent album and many other things.

“100 Days My Prince” had finished its run last week and brought in amazing results, it became the 4th highest rated tvN drama of all time joining “Mr. Sunshine,” “Goblin” and many other top tvN dramas.

This isn’t an easy feat to do since cable TV ratings are usually lower because its not free.

D.O commented on the success of his drama and revealed,

“First of all, the drama has ended but I can’t put into words just how great the results were, so I really wanted to thank you all. I want to thank the viewers who enjoyed watching this drama.

I am working constantly in parallel with other projects so it’s a lie to say its not tiring but I am trying my best and working hard. The drama came out well until the end and I am so happy with that.”

Xiumin chimed in and added that he was a fan of the hit tvN drama, he said,

“In the beginning, looking at Kyungsoo’s character being so uncomfortable made me uncomfortable. This is just how good he was at acting that I wanted to squeeze his head ‘playfully.’ The drama was really fun and I even watched the live broadcast sometimes, and if I couldn’t due to other schedules then I’d stay up all night watching it. D.O, I think, is one of the few top five actors.”

And then, as you’d expect, the member discussed D.O’s kiss scenes with Nam Ji Hyun.

Chen revealed that he enjoyed watching the drama but was surprised, he said,

“It was as if I had become a fan. To be honest, it was the first time I saw him kiss someone.”

The rest of the member teased him and Baekhyun added that it would’ve been even more awkward if you had already seen him kiss someone.

D.O, as calmly as possible, answered,

“It didn’t have lots of NG (not good) scenes. We filmed a couple of takes and it turned out great.”

The members kept teasing him and said,

“There were no NGs but it seemed as if you had filmed for a long time by what we saw.”

D.O, again calmly added,

“Really? I worked hard and I am glad it came out this well since I put in a lot of effort.”

Chanyeol also added,

“I am proud of him. After watching that scene, I realized he can act well. It was very natural.”

D.O then pointed out that Chanyeol didn’t see the drama; Chanyeol then added that he had seen that particular scene.

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