EXO-Ls Extremely Disappointed About The Lack Of EXO’s Promotions For “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo”


After a year and 2 months of absence, EXO grouped again and made a comeback on November 2nd with “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo.”

The new EXO album was highly anticipated and a huge success in South Korea and overseas, fans were extremely excited about EXO’s upcoming comeback since it could well be their last as nine before Xiumin has to enlist in the military.

Xiumin is born in 1990 and will most probably have to enlist by 2019, combined with EXO’s extremely busy schedules; it could be hard to see the group return soon again.

This is where many EXO-Ls issue lies, some of the fandom has been demanding an explanation from SM Entertainment as to why hasn’t the group been promoting more actively on music shows and variety shows.

Sehun and Baekhyun did appear on an SM Entertainment special of “Happy Together” recently but aside from that, the group doesn’t have any upcoming variety shows appearances lined up.

They haven’t appeared on many music shows, but for the most part, the cancellation of those appearances weren’t really SM’s fault since some were cancelled because its playoff baseball season in Korea.

Fans wanted to see more of the boys and were shocked when it was announced that EXO’s last fan signing event will be held next week, which usually signals the last of any group’s promotional activities for their comebacks.

Baekhyun has told fans a couple of days ago that they will be filming their repackage album MV next week, he also talked about their upcoming reality show that they’re also planning on filming.

“Don’t Mess Up My Tempo” is such a bop and this is why some fans are upset that EXO didn’t have the time to shine like they used to.

On the other hand, some EXO-Ls are defending SM Entertainment’s decision of the short promotional period citing the members’ individual busy schedules as the possible reason.

Chanyeol is currently filming for his upcoming drama “Memories Of The Alhambra” which will air on December 1st, since he’s part of the main cast, its clear he’s now extremely busy juggling both group and solo promotions.

The same goes for D.O, who will become busy in the near future promoting for his upcoming movie “Swing Kids” which he leads, the movie will premiere in Mid-December which also means that he will busy with it.

What do you personally think of this?

My Thoughts

I do understand where both parts of the fandom are coming from.

I haven’t been keeping up with EXO for a while but I did notice they were getting extremely busy with solo projects, the majority of the members branched out to acting, while the rest branched out to solo singing.

EXO has been active for six years, as much as I think people would love to see the group stick together, they must also establish an individual career for themselves away from the name “EXO” so in case EXO is no more or the members enlist, they won’t struggle to find a job.

I don’t personally think that EXO will disband any time soon but I also don’t know if they will renew as a group for a long time when contract’s expiration is up. Judging from the expected military enlistment timeline of EXO members its difficult for them to gather again before 2025, 2023 if they decided to enlist closely.

This means that DMUMT was probably EXO’s last comeback before any member enlists in the military, while they will have a repackage album its not the same as a full on swing comeback with new tracks and all.

Out of respect for how much people paid SM, SM should have honored this comeback and worked a bit harder on the group. A couple of more variety shows appearances would’ve been sufficient.

Let’s get this straight EXO just like all of the rest of SM’s groups are delivery machines for money. Its disappointing to see that a group they bombarded us with back in 2012 and 2013 is now being treated like this.

But I do think that the members themselves also contributed to how hard it was to promote them as a group since everyone is now fending for himself trying to successfully establish a solo career while people are still buzzing about EXO’s accomplishments.

I don’t know, I do see both sides of the story but its sad nonetheless.


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